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About Us


Grace Baptist church is located at 1004 Main Street, Milford Ohio.  It has existed in the community for about 60 years now.  A  church that holds fast to the Bible and its principles and truths.

We have a unique and loving church body, which the Lord has grown spiritually in love and unity.  We are a Kingdom church, living out the love of our Lord and Saviour.  Few churches today really have the love that Christ commands us to have one towards another.

As we labor together in the Milford area, we invite one and all to come visit us as you have opportunity to do so.  God excludes no one...neither can we.

When you visit us, feel free to give praises to the Lord, receive food for your soul, and see prayers answered.

Grace Baptist Church - a place where wounded hearts are mended by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Grace Baptist Church exists:
by HIS power
with HIS love
for HIS glory

We believe that The love of Jesus will be seen in 2017